How to Love the Kitchen You Have

old kitchenDo you find yourself daydreaming constantly about the kitchen you wish you had? Kitchen remodels take a lot of time, patience, and money and even though they seem fun, they’re not always the best idea. So how exactly can you refresh your kitchen in a way that makes you happy without breaking the bank? We have a few ideas for you.

Start Fresh

In order to see your kitchen in a new light, start by deep cleaning your space. Get rid of clutter, wipe down all of your surfaces, dispose of broken kitchen utensils and appliances, and organize the items in your cabinets.

Personalize It

Once your kitchen is clutter-free, add new pieces into the mix to really showcase your personality and the things you love. Whether it’s a new piece of art, a new vase, or ceramic containers to house your sugar, tea bags, and flour. This will give a fresh presence to your kitchen without breaking the bank. If you’re looking more ways to freshen up your space, consider switching up the paint color!

Refinish Your Cabinets

The cabinets in your kitchen are one of the first things you and your guests will notice. If you really can’t your old, dated cabinets, refinish them! Refinishing your cabinets is an easy, cost-effective way to instantly give your kitchen a new look. Frankenstein Refinishing has been refinishing kitchen cabinets for over 10 years and has seen it all!

Replace the Overhead Lighting

Changing the lighting fixtures in your kitchen is a quick and easy way to freshen up the space. If you’re used to having darker lighting, try fixtures with white shades or cannister lights to bring in as much light as possible.

Add Storage Solutions

One of the biggest complaints we hear from clients is that they don’t have enough space in the kitchen to store their cook wear, food, and small appliances. We get it – it can be extremely frustrating! Since you’ve gone through and cleaned your entire kitchen top to bottom, you’ve most likely gotten rid of a lot of the items you no longer use which has freed up a lot of space. By simply adding a few baskets to the countertops and various storage solutions for the items in your cabinets, you’ll be more organized and have more space!

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