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    5 Ways to Brighten Your Kitchen

    white kitchenWhether you’re looking for a change or getting ready to list your house for sale, brightening your kitchen will transform the dark, dreary space you never want to spend time into a space that you never want to leave. No matter the size, shape, or location of your kitchen, these five tips are easy and low-cost to make your bright, cheery kitchen dreams come true.

    1. Incorporate Color

    Brightening your kitchen goes way beyond simply opening the windows to let in natural light in. Instead, decorate using fun, bold colors, patterns, and textures. This will help liven up the dark area while avoiding painting. The best part? You can easily switch out the colors and pieces depending on the season, or simply when you need a change, without draining your bank account!

    2. Embrace Plants

    Plants are a great way to bring life into your home and some can even be functional! Aloe plants and herbs are a great option if you’re looking for a plant that has multi-purposes, while Spider plants are great for improving the oxygen and overall indoor air quality. When picking out plants, be sure to keep an eye on the amount of sun they need and don’t forget to water them regularly.

    3. Utilize Natural Materials

    Natural materials, such as wicker, wood grain, terracotta, and treated beach wood will help bring the outdoors in. If you’re unsure of how to utilize these materials, think of the decor pieces in your kitchen as well as how they can be both decorative and functional. Terracotta is a great option for utensil holders and vases and wicker can be incorporated through seating options (especially white wicker!).

    4. Make it Light & Airy

    The easiest way to make your kitchen look and feel light and airy is to get rid of any heavy materials, dark curtains, and winter pieces. If you have old, dark cabinets, consider replacing them with white cabinets and light countertops. If the cabinets are in good shape, consider refinishing them to save some money while being environmentally friendly. Frankenstein Refinishing can walk you through the refinishing process and have the project completed within a few short days!

    5. Install Open-Face Shelving

    Open-face shelving is a great way to not only show off your favorite decor and china pieces. This feature is also convenient in terms of organization. When paired with painted white woodwork, this feature truly creates an airy look that you won’t regret incorporating into your home.

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