About Us

James Martin

Certified Master Finisher

James Martin has been finishing wood for over 30 years. He has worked in some of the finest homes in Massachusetts & New England; Including the 2004 Boston Design home, in which he was responsible for all of the painting, cabinetry, and woodwork. He consistently works in high-end homes both new and renovated, and refinishes everything from entertainment centers and small galley kitchens to massive sprawling homes with movie theaters & wood-paneled libraries. Jim consistently strives to expand his range of finishes to ensure that every customer, large or small, gets the look they desire. 

James is also a nationally renowned instructor in wood finishing. Teaching in Hopkinton, MA, Dallas, TX, and Vero Beach, FL. His students have gone on to work in many design homes nationwide.

History of Frankenstein Refinishing

The Beginning

James Martin started as a painter in multi million-dollar homes right out of college. His company quickly grew to 20 workers due to the size & workloads of these larger homes. The cabinetry was being fabricated on-site and the team was responsible for completing projects at the highest quality. 

The work of James & his team caught the attention of many extravagant designers seeking his skills. While traveling to Dallas, James’ skills further expanded as he began to appreciate the other aspects of finishing. He began incorporating Texas-inspired styles with Florida based products. Walls and ceilings were done in a variety of glazes and different plasters. Some were Venetian, some marble, some metallic styles, and James’ professional reputation continued to evolve.

Instruction at the New England Institute of Faux Finishing

After attending more than 20 weeks of classes, James finally opened his own schooling Hopkinton, MA, the New England Institute of Faux Finishing. At this time, James retailed over 450 products and taught classes 1 week per month. Aspiring master finishers flew in from around the country to attend, and all became woodwork finishes in their first few years. James went on to create a 1,000 woodwork finish display in his showroom. 

Boston Magazine Design Home of 2004

One of the highlights of Jim’s schooling program was the 2004 Boston Magazine Design Home, in which James’ students and employees created everything, including custom walls, ceilings, woodwork, and cabinetry. Most of it was created by James in conjunction with designers who tied it all together with furnishings. This project was a monumental achievement and has not been duplicated anywhere since. 

Collaborations & Award Winning Work

Throughout his career, James connected with many fellow professional retailers & refinishers that he is proud to have worked with. One was the founder of Clark Distribution, the Northeast distributor of Wolf and Subzero, whose home James to finished. This project included an elaborate theater that went on to win highly competitive first place Best Home Theater Awards from CES, the largest consumer electronics show worldwide in Las Vegas. 

In 2007, James received a call from the creator of the most extensive and versatile decorative finishes in the industry, Mr. Raymond Sandor. Raymond spent his career traveling to see and recreate the world’s nicest finishes. James was invited as one of the 50 most talented finishers around the globe to display and demonstrate his craft. He worked alongside 3rd generation marblist from France, brilliant plasters from Italy, current recognized top muralists, and many more of the world’s top professionals.  James was told he was the only one out of this group who could work on complete rooms from top to bottom including ceilings, walls, and complicated woodwork at the highest level. James’ life was truly changed by the recognition of his talent at this incredible convention.

Following this convention, James became a tester of new products for Faux Effects International before they were sent to final production. James collaborated with Raymond, spending countless hours testing products and discussing ideas and results. 

Shortly thereafter, James began experimenting with ML Campbell cabinetry finishes. James noticed some issues with high-end finishing products and ended up troubleshooting formulas alongside the chemists who created them. He went on to become a tester for Campbell products before they were sent to final production. The influence of this testing changed the final formula of several products for both companies. 

Frankenstein Refinishing Today

When James’ twin boys were born, his life changed and he decided to scale back his professional work to focus strictly on his business, Frankenstein Refinishing. Dedicating himself to coaching 3 sports, making dinner, and being the homework dad was the new purpose to James’ life, and he wouldn’t change it for the world. Today, James’ Frankenstein Refinishing staff consists of 6 expertly trained team members who transform the woodwork of luxury and everyday homes.