Affordable Summer Home Improvement Projects

Spring and summer are the best time for home improvement projects. There’s nothing more satisfying than sprucing up the areas of your home where you spend the most time! Check out these quick and affordable home improvement projects to embark on this summer from the experts at Frankenstein Refinishing in Franklin, MA!

Power Washing Exterior Surfaces

If your exterior is starting to look dingy, it’s probably in need of a good power wash! Power washing can refresh all sorts of outdoor spaces, from your patio tiles to your actual home’s siding. Other surfaces that can be restored with a power washer include your deck, walkway, or driveway. You can choose to rent a power washer machine from your local hardware store and do it yourself or hire a professional power washing team who can get the job done in no time with a very low risk of damage to the property.

Cabinet Painting or Refinishing

Changing the wood in your kitchen can revamp the entire space and create a whole new look & feel. For example, dove white cabinetry can bring a previously wood stained space into this decade and brighten it up completely! If you’re looking for a kitchen update but are not looking to pay for a full remodel, get a facelift on your kitchen for a fraction of the price with Frankenstein Refinishing. Our certified master finisher will customize a paint, glaze, or wood finish for your space and make the upgrade within days, with little disruption to your home’s daily routine.

Replacing Light Fixtures

Because we see them every day, we often think nothing of our ceiling fans or hanging lights and how they impact our home’s aesthetic. In reality, light fixtures have more of an effect on a space than you think. If your ceiling fan or light fixture is out of date, replace it with a brand new one! You can pick up a new light fixture at your local Lowe’s or other home improvement store, and either install it yourself or hire an electrician for the job. Don’t forget to think of ventilation – If it doesn’t already have one, consider if your space would benefit from a ceiling fan!

Affordable Home Improvement in Franklin, MA

The experts at Frankenstein Refinishing have decades of experience bringing dingy wood fixtures back to life. If you are thinking of investing in entirely new cabinetry, think again on how we can transform your existing wood! A new coat of professional cabinet paint and new hardware can give the impression of a full kitchen remodel for a fraction of the price and hassle. To see samples of what your wood could look like, call us today! 508-544-9800

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