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    How to Effectively Organize Your Cabinet in the Kitchen


    The kitchen is often the most used area within a house. It is crucial to keep it organize especially when you host a party. You would want to be able to find things quickly when you prepare food. Here are some tips on how to effective organize your cabinet in the kitchen.

    1. Group Items that Are in the Same Category

    The first step is to take out all the items in the cabinet and start grouping like items together. For example, you could separate your items into several categories such as baking, condiment, cookware, snacks & breakfast, knives. In addition to that, move all the items that only get used once or twice a year to the back. By doing that you don’t have to constantly move your items if the item you frequently use are located in the back.

    2. Install Racks or Hooks

    It is extremely important to place hooks underneath the cabinets to hang any light gadgets like a mug or measuring cups. A ceiling rack can be used to hang heavy items like pots and pans. Any space that is freed up inside your cabinet can be well utilized to place any other important items.

    3. Use Drawer Dividers

    Many people’s kitchen drawers are very messy and disorganized. Those spoons, forks, and knives you use consistently are everywhere in the drawer. By using drawer dividers, you can choose to put where your utensils are and can easily find them when you need to.

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