4 Simple Steps for Effectively Organizing Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most high traffic areas in a home. Even if you are out & about all day, your daily routine will likely start and end in this same spot. The best way to make sure you are maximizing the space & aesthetic of your bathroom is to keep it neat. Organization can help with your own sanity, as well as ensuring you won’t forget a step on a day when you are rushing out the door!

Add a Laundry Bin

Eliminating the steps between your bathroom and your laundry bin ensures that less towels and dirty clothes will end up on the floor in front of yourlaundry basket shower. Along with being practical, a nice laundry bin can double as an added piece to your bathroom decor. You can also get a laundry basket with a cover, to keep the room looking extra neat!

Install Towel Shelving

Why waste the limited cabinet space in your bathroom on storing clean towels, when they can just as easily be hung? Hanging towels from a hook or stacking them on a wall shelf not only saves space, but adds to a functional and cozy looking aesthetic. Hooks and shelving are another way to enhance your bathrooms decor and functionality!

Maximize Cabinet Storage

Bathroom cabinets can be tricky to organize, because sink plumbing fixtures decrease the available space. Try using mini stacking drawers to keep things organized and fit as much as possible! Taking advantage of your cabinet doors will further maximize the space under your sink. Door attachments can hold anything from a toothbrush holder to a facecloth hook. For added personalization, line the bottom of your cabinets and drawers.

Use Drawer Dividers

Every drawer in your bathroom does not need to end up looking like a junk drawer! Simple plastic dividers can improve your drawers organization so you never struggle to find your hairbrush again. They also greatly improve sanitation by keeping items like your toothbrush or razor safe from touching other items! If something were to leak, the dividers can minimize spillage and prevent damage to the drawer itself.

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