The Pros & Cons of Professional Cabinet Refinishing

The best way to ensure a job well done is to hire a professional in the trade. Hopping on the DIY trend and starting a new project can be a great solution for many tasks, but not always when it comes to improving your home! If you’re looking to save time and money in your home improvement plan, the perfect place to start is professional cabinet refinishing.

Pro: Options

A professional cabinet refinisher knows what they are doing. They should be able to offer you a multitude of different finishes and paint styles, making sure your kitchen or bathroom cabinets turn out exactly how you imagine them. A professional will also be able to tell you which options are best to ensure your style goals as well as the prolonged life of your cabinets.

Con: Existing Cabinet Condition

If your cabinets are warped or made from a low quality material, refinishing might not be your best option. Painting or staining your cabinets will not fix significant pre-existing damage. If your cabinets are significantly aged or damaged, you might consider a more costly cabinet replacement.

Pro: Time Saving

Starting a large scale project like cabinet refinishing when you have little to no experience with the trade is a sure way to turn a quick fix into a drawn out process. In order to refinish, each cabinet door must be removed. If you try to tackle this yourself without a significant time window devoted, your kitchen could be in disarray for who knows how long! A professional will be able to complete the project with efficiency, and your home will be upgraded and put back together in no time.

Con: Switching to a Lighter Finish

It can be difficult and labor intensive to refinish cabinets in a lighter wood stain. Often times this requires bleaching the wood before applying the stain. In this case, you might consider the more expensive alternative of replacing your cabinets altogether. If you are looking for lighter cabinets without the cost of replacement, you might consider paint versus a wood finish. It is important to consult a professional to determine which option is best for your project.

Pro: High Quality Work

A professional cabinet refinisher will bring years of experience to the job. They are able to lay out an accurate project timeline, provide samples, and get you one step closer to your dream kitchen design. Along with experience, a professional cabinet refinisher will have the proper tools that you likely don’t have, and they will know how to use them. DIY projects can often run into unexpected hurdles, and a professional will not only save time in that aspect but also foresee and eliminate potential problems you might run into.

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