How to Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets

You probably clean up your kitchen space fairly regularly – Counters are wiped down, floors swept & mopped, appliances cleaned. But when was the last time you wiped down your cabinets, or better yet, cleaned them out? Before you know it, built up grime & dirt on your cabinets can bring your entire kitchen’s aesthetic down. Here are some tips for how to properly clean your cabinets:


Before using any cleaning solution on your cabinets, it is probably time for a dusting. Dusting is especially necessary if you are tackling the inside of your cabinets with your cleaning endeavor – That can of cranberry sauce from last Thanksgiving has probably gotten a little dusty back there (Speaking of, this is the perfect time to clean out expired items!), and there are likely crumbs that have fallen into drawers. After dusting, there are many options for what cabinet cleaning solution to use.

Using Vinegar

White vinegar is a great, natural cleaning solution to eliminate fingerprints and grease from your cabinets. Mix 1 part vinegar with 1 part water and wash cabinets with a damp cloth or sponge. Be sure to dry your cabinets well, especially on the inside. Along with cleaning away dirt, vinegar will leave wood cabinets with a shiny clean finish!

Using Baking Soda

Food splatters or spillage can make for tough to clean grime, and can even leave staining behind. Not to worry, baking soda is your answer! Apply a paste of baking soda and water to dirty spots, let it sit, and then buff it away with a cloth. This will also eliminate staining, and works best the faster it is applied to a stain.

Using Dish Soap

Dish soap & water is another mild cleaning mixture that can remove grease & food from cabinets. After using dish soap, you should re-wipe the cabinets with a clean water cloth to ensure no soap residue is left behind. Again, be sure to thoroughly dry cabinets, and avoid using too much soap. If you still find soap when wiping down with water, you should wipe again with fresh water.

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