5 Kitchen Refresh Ideas for Every Budget

kitchen faucetThanks to Pinterest, HGTV, and Chip and Joanna Gaines, dreaming up all of the renovation projects you want to tackle in your own home is inevitable. With trends moving quickly, it’s becoming more difficult for homeowners to escape the cycle of always having the latest gadgets and upgrades in the home and undergoing home renovations every 5-15 years. These renovations are easy when you have an unlimited budget, but for a large majority of us, we’re still living with our outdated kitchens from the early 90’s.

If you’re itching to refresh your kitchen, here are 5 ideas for every budget. 

Budget: $100

A $100 budget won’t get you far when it comes to refreshing or renovating your kitchen but if you’re creative, you’ll be able to spruce the space up a bit! Start with giving your kitchen a fresh coat of paint – a light color will open the space up, especially if you have dark cabinets or a smaller kitchen. Adding new curtains or art can also breathe new life into the space.

Budget: $300-$500

If you’ve already refreshed the paint in your kitchen and are looking for other ways to refresh your space, use the extra money left in your budget to update the pendent lighting above your island or swap out cabinet pulls. If you’re wise with your budget, you might even be able to do both with a little left over to update your faucet or swap out kitchen accessories.

Budget: $700-$1,000

With a budget between $700 and $1,000, you can achieve a lot in your kitchen! Once you’ve painted, updated the art, and added new cabinets pulls, think about the space that you use in your kitchen. Use the extra money to update small appliances (microwave, toaster, blender, etc.), swapping out your kitchen faucet, and even consider replacing your sink! When you’re making these updates, always make sure to read reviews, go with well-known brands, and if possible, go into a showroom to see them in person before purchasing.

Budget: $1,500-$3,000

The best bang for your buck when you have a budget between $1,500 and $3,000 is to refinish your cabinets! Not only will refinishing your cabinet completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen but will also save you thousands of dollars and headaches caused by completely replacing your cabinets.

Budget: $5,000-$10,000

With a budget between $5,000 and $10,000, refreshing and renovating your kitchen is going to be much easier. With this budget, you’ll be able to refresh your kitchen with all of the other updates we mentioned in this post, as well as updating counter tops and replacing appliances, such as your fridge and stove!

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