Questions To Ask Yourself Before Your Refinishing Project

When homeowners decide to remodel their kitchens, there are a few different scenarios that could take place. Homeowners can elect to remodel the entire space from ceiling to floor, completely renovating the space. They can opt for more subtle changes, like altered lighting or appliances. However, for many homeowners, if a new aesthetic is the desired result of their remodel, they often decide to only alter their cabinetry, as it comprises a bulk of the kitchens visual appeal. However, when it comes to altering your kitchen cabinets, there is often an easier option than fully replacing the cabinetry; refinishing. Interested in learning whether refinishing is the right choice for your kitchen? Keep reading below to learn more about the questions you should ask yourself before your refinishing project!

Define Your Budget

One of the first things you should do before tackling any remodeling project, kitchen or otherwise, is establish a budget. If you’re looking to keep your remodeling costs low, and you’re not planning on a full remodel of your kitchen, the best option is often to refinish your cabinets rather than replacing them entirely. By refinishing your cabinets, you can revitalize the space at a fraction of the cost of completely replacing your kitchen cabinets, making it a fantastic option if you’re intending on remodeling on a budget!

Do You Want A New Lay-Out

Another important question to ask yourself before beginning your refinishing project is whether you’re looking for a new lay-out for your kitchen. If you’re looking to completely remodel your kitchen by altering your layout, you will certainly want to think about replacing your cabinets and getting a fresh start on your lay-out. However, if redesigning the lay-out of your kitchen is not a concern for you, than refinishing will allow you to alter the aesthetic if your kitchen without breaking the bank or losing access to your kitchen for weeks at a time.

Consider The Material

Lastly, you’ll want to keep in mind the material that your cabinets are made out of. While cabinet refinishing is a great option for some kitchens, it doesn’t always work depending on the material in question. While cabinet refinishing is a fantastic option for those with wooden cabinetry, it’s not a viable option if your cabinets are made out of vinyl, or laminate, which is important to keep in mind before you begin you refinishing project.

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