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How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Island

The kitchen is the gathering point of most homes. That singular room will see more activity each day than any other area of the home! Since the kitchen is such an important part of the daily function of your home, it’s important that you love every aspect of it. Kitchen islands are one of the most commonly requested kitchen upgrades, and they’re thought to be one of the most valuable upgrades too! Every kitchen is different, so there’s not one island design that’s a universal fit. Let’s discuss some of the key factors that you should consider before choosing a new kitchen island! 

Mobile VS Non-Mobile 

Mobile islands are ideal for very small kitchens where you need to maximize the space that you have. The island can be moved out of the way when it isn’t being used and be pulled out when you need it for extra counter space or storage. Non-mobile islands are a much better investment if you have the space for them. Mobile islands run the risk of moving while you’re cutting or preparing food and can easily get in the way. A non-mobile island is built into the kitchen, so it can’t be moved without some serious power tools! 

Island Size  

Islands come in a wide variety of sizes. To determine the maximum size island your kitchen can accommodate, you need to calculate the clearance zone. The clearance zone refers to the open space around your island. For the clearance zone to be considered safe and functional, it should be 3 feet all the way around the island. The clearance zone needs to be calculated based on where the cabinet or appliance doors on the island will land when they’re open. This allows 3 feet of clearance even when the island is in use with doors or drawers open. Islands also come in different heights. The most common heights are 32, 36, and 40 inches. 40 inches accommodates bar stools the best, while 36 inches is the most comfortable for food preparation. You can mix heights to make an island that literally works on all levels! 


It’s up to you and your budget what features will be included in your island. Islands can be fully functional while running water and other appliances installed. Consider what you’re hoping to gain from your island addition before deciding what features should be included. The more features you add, the better the function and the higher the price tag! 

Professional Kitchen Refinishing In Massachusetts and Rhode Island: Frankenstein Refinishing 

Contact Frankenstein Refinishing today to schedule your consultation with an experienced kitchen contractor! Our team can help you narrow down your island options or create a custom island design just for your home. Once your new island has been installed, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner! 


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