Portfolio Category: Massachusetts

Dover, MA

This former dark stained cherry kitchen received the upgrade of paint in place as opposed to tearing it out.  They avoided all the drawbacks that come with removing cabinetry, saving tens of thousands of dollars and months of agony, all while gaining the finest finish available.  

Milford, MA

Another stained kitchen with stained floors. It was bad! They make each other really bad. This kitchen was all set up to be nice. Only needed our paint technique and presto, beautiful. What a nice space!  

Medfield, MA

Another kitchen brought back to life. This one was painted previously by a painter (not woodwork & refinishing professional), having neither the look nor feel cabinetry should. Dull and dingy would have described it. Not now – now is wow!  

Northboro, MA

    Smaller kitchen, yet still big effect and change with paint. White paint is always the right move.

Walpole, MA

Yet another transformation. It was an ugly stain, but now it’s high-quality cabinet paint – beautiful!

Dover, MA

This kitchen in Dover underwent the transformation. Sticking with the popular painted finish gives it maximum appeal. A rarity with us is adding some furniture. It can always be done, but it’s seldom cost effective. When it’s heirloom and you have to keep them, it can happen.  The whole combo looks great.

Brockton, MA

This small kitchen had a little fire damage, which didn’t hurt in the end. It’s was time for a new look and it happened quickly. For our part new cabinet paint made it look better than it ever did. It does look really nice in person.

Hopkinton, MA

Yet another ugly stained kitchen painted into today’s trend. The word trend makes people doing this nervous because they don’t want to look at it anytime soon and say the same thing we are saying about the stained kitchen, ugly when the trend is over. Painted kitchens have been happening for 100’s of years. This …

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