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New kitchen design

Hopkinton, MA 2022

Many homeowners want this type of kitchen. In fact, this is a kitchen our team glazed 12 years ago. Earlier in 2022, our team made this Hopkinton kitchen more modern. Frankenstein Refinishing does not use just any ordinary paint. We always use high-end furniture paint that makes a kitchen look and feel like it should. …

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Refinished Wrentham Kitchen

Wrentham, MA 2022

Our team recently refinished this unique refinishing project in Wrentham, MA! Wrentham is a town our team often does work in but this project was different than others. This project involved an unusual choice compared to today’s typical kitchen trends. In the end, the refinished kitchen came out fantastic! This is an example of homeowners …

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Southboro, MA

Our team recently refinished this Southboro, MA refinishing job! These homeowners were ready to breathe new life into the space, and wanted to brighten up their kitchen. With their new white kitchen cabinets, and plenty of natural light, this kitchen feels expansive, and has plenty of counterspace for all of your prep needs! If you’re …

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Sudbury, MA

Take a look at this refinishing job our team recently completed in Sudbury, MA! For this refinishing job, the homeowners elected to use a mix of color to help accent different aspects of the kitchen. For the cabinets below to the sink and around the edges of the kitchen, these homeowners decided to use Chantilly …

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Refinished Kitchen

Norwell, MA

Our team recently updated this Norwell, MA kitchen with beautiful new white cabinetry. The low ceilings in the space give it a cozy feel, and the white paint helps open the space up and add light to the kitchen! These homeowners were thrilled with the finished remodel, and they look forward to enjoying the space, …

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New Cabinets

Wrentham, MA

This house in Wrentham came out exceptionally well. They thought they wanted to keep the dark cherry underneath this gorgeous paint. They made the right choice with the white dove!  

Ashland, MA

This kitchen had shaker style doors that are already increasingly popular today. The downside was that they were a clear maple stain over a hardwood floor – this is never a good combination. The kitchen had perfectly good floors and counters and just needed fresh paint in order to transform. Check out their new modern …

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Uxbridge, MA

This kitchen was looking aged and beat up, and featured the classic archtop cabinet style that many homeowners grow tired of. With a fresh coat of our Dove White, this homeowner loves her kitchen now, archtops and all!  

Wellesley, MA

This was a smaller sized kitchen that most would have either lived in as is or torn out completely. This person used a clever designer, Kristen Blue Door, and check out what she did!  This new cabinet paint is a blueish black. Not many spaces can handle this color, but this space is awesome now. …

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Franklin, MA

Here is an example of updating an aging kitchen with old stone counters. Not everyone who has older stone counters needs to change them! Although this homeowner was ready for a full remodel, we advised her to paint first, then decide about the counters. Well, it is crazy what one change can do for everything …

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