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How To Make Your Kitchen Appear Bigger

Having a small kitchen can be frustrating. There’s never enough elbow room, cooking with another person feels impossible, and where are you supposed to store everything?! Before you accept the defeat of your small kitchen, try out these design tips that can make your kitchen feel bigger without actually adding any square footage! 

Add an Outdoor Connection 

One of the biggest complaints that come along with a small kitchen is how hard it is to entertain in such a cramped space. If you have a deck, patio, or nice sitting area outside of the home, utilize that in your kitchen design! Adding French doors or a sliding door that opens into the outdoor entertaining space will instantly make your kitchen feel larger when you have people over. You won’t feel shut off from the party in the kitchen, and your guests won’t feel like they’ve been crammed into a small space! 

Add More Storage 

A lack of storage in an already small kitchen is not only frustrating, but it also makes the space feel even smaller than it is. When you don’t have enough storage, more stuff ends up piled on the counters. Visual clutter shrinks the room. Adding more storage wherever you can will keep your counters clear and make the space feel larger! If you don’t have space to add more storage, consider reconfiguring your current storage system. There are tons or storage systems that can be installed in your existing cabinets to make them more functional. Storage can even be added outside of the cabinets in the form of open shelving! Open shelves add a unique flair to the space and give you somewhere to display your favorite pieces of dishware. 

Keep it Light

Dark designs won’t do your small kitchen any favors. Stick to lighter tones for paint, cabinets, and counters. Using various shades of white is a great way to make your space feel light and bright without feeling like it’s a blank canvas. Don’t be afraid to mix textures and add in some brighter pops of color with your décor! 

Downsize Finishes 

If you put large objects into an already small space, it’s only going to feel smaller. Downsize the finishes of your kitchen anywhere you can! This includes cabinet handles, light fixtures, and even the furniture you bring into the space. Smaller items won’t disrupt the eye as much when you’re walking into the kitchen, making it feel larger. 

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