The Difference Between Refinishing, Refacing & Resurfacing Your Cabinets

Whether you are in the process of selling your home or are starting a kitchen renovation process, deciding whether to replace your cabinets or refinish, reface, or resurface them is a big decision.

Replacing your cabinets is straight forward – The company you decide to work with will come in and demos your kitchen and starts from scratch, leaving you with a brand new space from the floors to the counter tops. When replacing your kitchen cabinets isn’t an option, many homeowners will start thinking about refinishing, refacing, or resurfacing their cabinets. But what’s the difference?


The most affordable and quickest way to renovate your kitchen, refinishing your cabinets includes stripping the paint/finish off of your cabinets, sanding them down, and restaining or painting them in a new color. When you chose to refinish your cabinets, you will keep all components of your current cabinets, including the layout.


Refacing your cabinets is exactly what it sounds like – replacing the front/visible parts of your cabinets, including the cabinet doors and fronts of cabinet drawers. Once refaced, the remainder of your cabinets will be covered with a veneer to match the new faces.


Resurfacing your cabinets is similar to refacing your cabinets and is the process of replacing your old cabinets with wood or laminate veneer and replacing cabinets doors and drawer fronts. This will cover up all blemishes and fix any problems that you might face with your cabinets.

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