3 Major Components of a Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen is one of the highest traffic areas of your home, with plenty of time spent living, eating, and enjoying time spent with family and friends. When you decide to remodel the space, you will want to make sure you’re creating the kitchen of your dreams and, ideally, not spending a fortune! Check out these tips for some of the most important factors to consider when planning your kitchen remodel.

Cabinetry – Replacement or Refinishing?

Cabinetry is one of the main features of any kitchen, so you’ll want to make sure you like yours! When deciding on how you’re going to switch up your cabinetry, consider working with what you already have instead of purchasing & installing all new cabinets. Unless you’re looking to change the floor plan completely, hiring an expert wood finisher or painter might be a better option than new cabinetry. Frankenstein Refinishing can bring even old & out of style cabinets back to looking better than brand new, and for a fraction of the cost of new cabinetry. Plus, with this option, there are endless paints, glazes, and wood finishes to choose from!

Countertop – Choosing a Material

The kitchen countertops are another feature that you will be staring at and using daily. You’ll want to choose a design that you like and a material that will stand the test of time. You’ll want counters that won’t chip, peel, or otherwise sustain damage from your everyday use. Homeowners typically choose neutral countertop colors,  Make sure to tie in the design of your counters to you cabinetry and flooring, and consider whether or not you are including a backsplash!

Flooring – Practicality is Key

Consider how much wear and tear they will experience, and also the time you’re willing to spend cleaning your floors. With linoleum or laminate flooring, spills can quickly turn into stains, whereas tile is a more durable material. Tile alternatives are also prone to lifting or tearing, while tiles could crack or slip out of place, but only with heavy force. Tile flooring can also be tied into a backsplash design! Hardwood floors are another popular option.

Remodeling on a Budget

Frankenstein Refinishing has been helping Massachusetts & Rhode Island homeowners remodel their cabinetry & wood fixtures for over 25 years. Our Certified Master Finisher uses speciality paints and glazes that leave cabinets with a finish that rivals brand new pieces. For a consultation on your cabinetry, call us today!

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