Shaker Style Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Styles To Consider

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, and kitchen design at large, every homeowner has a different opinion on how they would like to style the space. There are plenty of different ways to design your cabinets, and theres no right or wrong way to build your kitchens aesthetic! However, our team does have a few tips and design ideas for those who are looking to redesign their kitchens. If you’re interested in learning more, about which cabinet styles you should consider, keep reading below for more information!

Shaker Cabinets

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, shakers are a long time classic that many homeowners enjoy. While they have been around for decades, shake-style cabinets have stood the test of time, and are still commonly installed across the country. Their affordability and timeless design lends well to any style of kitchen, and they will likely always be a popular option for homeowners looking for a classic design!

Glass-Front Cabinets

For homeowners looking to showcase their fine china or other dishware, glass-front cabinets can be a fantastic option for boosting the appeal of your kitchen. Glass cabinets provide you with the opportunity to show-off your wares, and also make your kitchen feel larger & more open, making them great for undersized kitchens.

Rustic-Style Cabinets

For those interested in designing a farmhouse style kitchen, rustic, wooden cabinets can look fantastic. There are so many different wood grains, and stains, to choose from, giving you a wide array of design options. You can opt for a lighter stain or wood, like spruce, or a deeper shade like cherry. Either way, rustic style cabinets look fantastic and are sure to boost your kitchen’s appeal!

Open Shelving

Another option that is best employed as an accent piece, is open shelving. Used sparsely around the kitchen, open shelving is a great way to highlight specific aspects of your dinnerware set, just as glass-front cabinets, making it perfect for showcasing particular pieces.

Slab Cabinets

One style of cabinet that has been gaining in popularity in recent years is slab-style cabinets. Without traditional hardware, slab-style cabinets have small handles built into the cabinets themselves which don’t stick out from the cabinets like traditional cabinets, making cleaning a breeze! With a modern appeal, slab cabinets are great for any contemporary kitchen!

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