Kitchen Island Trends for 2020

Kitchen islands are a functional and attractive feature that can provide extra storage, counter space, and seating for the room. Whether you have an existing island and are considering an update, or are looking to add the feature to your home, the style of your island is one of the most important decisions! Frankenstein Refinishing has decades of experience working with homeowners to achieve their dream kitchens. We’ve refinished, painted, and glazed cabinetry, islands, and other wood features and we offer an unlimited selection of colors & stains to fit your home’s style. Check out these kitchen island trends for 2020 that you can easily achieve when you work with the right professional!

Natural Wood Island

Whether you opt for a dark or light stain, natural wood can be a stunning contrast to black or white cabinetry. This allows for a rustic feel that when paired with white cabinetry is still very neutral! Neutrality in your kitchen’s design features allows for changeable customization when choosing or switching out your decor. Natural wood can either keep the bright look or add some dark contrast, depending on the stain you choose.

Bold Blue Island

Blue is an emerging trend in 2020 not only for walls but also for cabinetry and islands! Blue contrasts well with white or other neutral kitchen designs to create a cool-toned, relaxing, and homey look. Whether you are thinking of a darker navy blue or a light blue wash, Frankenstein Refinishing has plenty of painted wood samples to bring to your home during our consultation.

Contrasting Islands

While it is never a bad choice to match your island to your cabinetry and table, a lot of homeowners opt to add some contrast with their island! For example, a black island adds a moody element to an otherwise bright space. This also allows you to match chairs to more than just white!

Island, Cabinetry, & Wood Refinishing in Franklin, MA

James Martin is a Certified Master Finisher and has worked in both everyday and luxury homes for over 20 years. He is also a nationally renowned wood finishing instructor, and his work has been nationally recognized for its beauty, style, and attention to detail. He now works locally, based in Franklin, MA traveling to homes across Massachusetts and Rhode Island to bring kitchens back to life!

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