Should You Replace or Refinish Your Cabinets?

There is much to consider when planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel – Appliances, counter tops, flooring, & cabinetry are all at the front of a homeowner’s mind, and are all costly renovations. If you are looking for an area to save money in your remodel, consider whether your cabinets need replacement or if you can professionally refinish them and achieve a brand new look. Here are some factors to consider when deciding what to do with your cabinetry:

When You Should Replace

Cabinets that are significantly damaged beyond repair will need to be replaced. Examples of damage that cannot be repaired include mold & water damage. Refinishing also cannot change areas where cabinet wood is warped or softened. If the base material of your cabinets is damaged, replacement is a safe option. You will also have to replace your cabinetry if you are looking to change the layout of the space, as you will likely need additional cabinetry or different shapes.

The process of cabinet replacement involves the tearing out & disposal of existing cabinetry & the installation of new cabinets. This will leave your home with a significant amount of dirt, dust, & debris, and can take months to complete. It can also hold up other steps of your remodel process, including the flooring & counter top installations. When you choose cabinet replacement, you should be aware that you are opening your home up to the potential of months of construction & renovations.

When You Can Refinish

Refinishing cabinets will always be significantly less expensive than replacing them, and with Frankenstein Refinishing‘s competitive pricing you will cut the cost by up to 50% or more. If your cabinets have no damage, refinishing & switching out hardware can be the perfect option to update their style. While new cabinets typically come with a single coating over the wood, we put at least 4, making your chosen finish remain flawless for years to come. Yes, your refinished cabinets will likely come out more durable than brand new ones!

If you are still stuck in a decision, consider the fact that cabinet replacement can leave your kitchen in disarray for 6 – 8 weeks or more, while refinishing with Frankenstein Refinishing is typically completed within 2-4 days. The process revamps your current cabinetry instead of removing & replacing it. Refinishing or painting your cabinets is only a smart investment if you hire a professional wood finishing service – If you hire a house painter or try to do it yourself, your cabinets could end up with issues such as peeling or chipping, but when done right, their new high quality look will last for years.

If you are interested in refinishing your cabinetry or woodwork and are located around the Boston or Providence area, contact Frankenstein Refinishing at 508-544-9800.

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