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kitchen refinishing

Coventry, RI

This was not a huge kitchen to begin with, but we maximized the space perfectly! Homeowners added the boxes on top, new stones, and paint. It looks twice the size and carries twice the market worth it did before they started. It’s a great space!  

Cumberland, RI

  This kitchen is not the style norm by any means today, but had to be posted to demonstrate imagination with color. The charcoal looks really nice with the stone they tried to avoid replacing (and were successful!). These photos were taken with the project incomplete, but still convey the impact of color. The statement …

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Warwick, RI

Yet another example of the modern trend of paint replacing stain. Never fails to make everyone happy.  

Marble counter top

Providence, RI

This kitchen actually looks even nicer in person. The cabinetry is charcoal grey and looks great! Stone and some nice appliances – another happy customer. They tell us it doesn’t wear off either!

Organized Kitchen

Barrington, RI

Here’s another example of upgrading from everyday kitchen to luxury. It happened to be a modern inset design but an awful stain. A few cuts and additions fitted modern appliances with a restaurant both. It is cool to go back in time and sit in it. It was spacious enough and nice enough to leap …

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Kingston, RI

We were called recently for a cabinet refinishing project for a kitchen in Kingston, RI. They wanted to change the color of the island piece in a kitchen, it was mauve. The cabinets were stained cherry. When I got there I noticed the cabinets had not yellowed or turned orange yet which they typically do. …

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Smithfield, RI

This is a kitchen in Smithfield, RI that is indicative of a growing trend. White kitchens are classic, but covering up an upscale cherry kitchen that was not cheap when purchased has the cabinet companies scratching their heads. There are good reasons for doing this, which I am happy to discuss during appointments. I’ve done …

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kitchen cabinets refinished

Cranston, RI

Another stained kitchen turned beautiful. It never gets old watching ugly turn into beauty!

North Providence, RI

This kitchen in North Providence, RI was different in that it was done with the cabinets being dark and the island being lighter. Not having a vision to begin with, we found it as we went through the process. They were attracted to the wood-like finish that is not a faux wood, but something that …

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Lincoln, RI

This kitchen in Lincoln, RI was a 65,000.00 kitchen complete. The company that sold it and installed it went out of business a year later. A year and a half later, the cabinets began to peel. Hard to believe, but true. It totally incensed the buyer. You cannot escape the everyday reminder that you got …

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