Kingston, RI

We were called recently for a cabinet refinishing project for a kitchen in Kingston, RI. They wanted to change the color of the island piece in a kitchen, it was mauve. The cabinets were stained cherry. When I got there I noticed the cabinets had not yellowed or turned orange yet which they typically do. The color was nice and clean. The size and layout of the kitchen supported the usually outdated stained look, and this proved to be one of the few cases where a stain looks good. So it was retained and refreshed. The island was the only significant style change. Because of the character of the wood in the cabinets, it did not call for a specialized finish. It was painted with an accent in some of the detail grooves. The whole thing looked awesome. It’s not the norm by any means, but it was nice. The kitchen remodeling and cabinet refinishing came out beautifully!