How to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Larger

Hopkinton Cabinet RemodelingHave a small kitchen? Unfortunately renovating and creating a larger kitchen space isn’t always in the cards but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make your small kitchen larger.

Here are some tips for making your space look and feel larger:

1. Paint it white and create a low contrast color scheme

White will be your small kitchen’s best friend. Since it reflects light, it will create the illusion that there is more space than there really is. If you’re able to do white flooring, walls, cabinets, countertops, and ceiling you’ll create a seamless space that really stands out. If that’s not possible, having a kitchen that has very little difference between the colors of your cabinets, countertops, and woodwork, you’ll still be able to create a space that appears larger than it is.

If you don’t want an all-white space, keep the contrast to a minimum and go for colors that are light and airy.

2. Glass cabinets and open shelving

An easy way to give the feeling of more space in your kitchen is by installing open shelving and replacing the fronts of your cabinets with glass. This will create a more open feel to the eye.

3. Welcome natural light

Keep the window treatments on your kitchen windows to a minimum, but if you have to have something, keep it sheer! This will allow as much light as possible into the space, reducing the need to have indoor lights on, and will make the space look larger.

4. Say Goodbye to Bulky Furnishings

If your kitchen has an island or peninsula in it, try opening it up if at all possible. You don’t have to get rid of it completely, but by changing some of the cabinets into open shelving to avoid the cramped feeling.

5. Eliminate Clutter

When life gets busy, things end up piling up on the counters, tables, and in cabinets. By eliminating this clutter, you’ll have more space to store your belongings and free up counter space. While this might take some time and patience, it’ll keep your counter tops clean and help make the space seem larger.

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