Spring cleaning kit

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Cabinets

Spring Cleaning did not become popular overnight. Spring cleaning has been a concept that has been popularized for years now, and for good reason. With the kitchen being the heart of a home, it is an area that sees a lot of clutter build up. Having a clean and organized kitchen will do wonders for you and your home. Have your cabinets seen better days? If the answer is yes, help your cabinet get back to looking elegant by following these steps.

1. Start Throwing Stuff Away

We all have a plethora of items in our cabinets and pantries that are expired and have been sitting in there for years. It happens! To kick off your spring cleaning, start by throwing away expired items in your cabinets that you have no intention of using. They do not do anyone any good just sitting in there. You’d be surprised how much space these expired items are taking up in your cabinets!

2. Re-Organize

We are all guilty of finding a home in the kitchen for things that do not belong there. From computer supplies to beauty products, these items are taking up valuable real estate in your cabinets. Take a look around your kitchen and remove items that do not belong in the kitchen. There is a good chance there are drawers or cabinets in your kitchen that contain items that do not belong in a kitchen. Taking time to re-organize your kitchen will help you create a more efficient environment.

3. Wipe Everything Down

It is no secret a kitchen can get quite dirty. The kitchen is one of, if not the most used area in every home. From the cabinet fronts to the countertops, the backsplash, and everywhere in between, do a deep clean to get rid of any dirt or bacteria existing in your kitchen. Use disinecting wipes to get the job done in no time! This will help your cabinet fronts and countertops look shiny, clean and new in a few minutes. Wiping down your kitchen is never a bad idea and getting it done in the Spring can help set up a fun Summer!

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