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How Do I Pick The Right Cabinet Color?

With so many cabinet colors available, choosing the right one is not always easy. The color of your cabinets can bring great value to your kitchen so it is essential to pick the right color. Here are five things to consider when picking out a cabinet color.

Style and Design

By using the design style of your cabinet as a reference, you can frequently make the selection easier for yourself. Classic hues like creams and whites will nearly always look lovely in a traditional kitchen. Similarly, bright whites and muted creams complement Shaker and Arts and Crafts designs nicely.

The Size of the Cabinets

Have you got a huge or tiny kitchen? Is it properly lit? These inquiries are crucial because the color of your kitchen cabinets might either improve or ruin the space. Lighter kitchen cabinets are better for small or poorly lit spaces, while darker cabinets look great in larger, well-lit rooms.

Creating a Contrast

Using contrast to your advantage can be effective when picking a color for your kitchen cabinets. It looks stunning when a bright kitchen design is combined with black cabinetry. When paired with a light kitchen design, cabinets in grey or dark brown shades can look magnificent.

Will You Consider Selling Your House?

Predicting how long you’ll stay in one place is often tough. However, if there’s a chance you might be selling your house soon, stick with neutral hues since that typically appeals to more people.

Multiple Shades Can Be an Option

If you discover that bright colors are too much for you, yet neutral colors are too monotonous, use two shades of the same color as a middle ground. Use light tones of the same color on the lower cabinets and dark shades of the same color on the upper cabinets, or vice versa. While maintaining objectivity, this technique also includes an additional visual aspect of interest.

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