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When Is It Time To Refinish Kitchen Cabinets?

There might come a time when you would look at your kitchen cabinets thinking it’s been a while since they were polished or painted. Or maybe they look dull, old and boring now. It might be the perfect time to repaint them again for a fresh look. Not sure when to refinish your kitchen cabinets? Here are five indicators it’s probably time to refinish your kitchen cabinets.

1. Paint Peeling Off

The paint might be chipping or peeling off. That could be because of a lot of humidity or probably because the previous painter didn’t do a good job painting these. Whatever the reason, peeling paint will look really bad and make the whole kitchen look very old since cabinets occupy most of the kitchen.

2. They Look Outdated

You should update your kitchen cabinets if they appear trapped in the 1980s. Old cabinets may drastically date your kitchen, even if your countertops and appliances are modern. In this situation, refacing your kitchen cabinets will help modernize your kitchen by helping to refresh its style and appearance. The kitchen cabinet doors are essentially replaced during refacing, and the exterior of the cabinet boxes may occasionally receive a laminate covering.

3. They Appear to Be Dull

Over time the paint may have faded, or it has been a long time since they were painted, and guests who have been visiting for a while may also be bored of the look, and it seems dull to you now. In this case, you should go for a change.

4. Updating the Whole Look of the House

While you’re working on other areas of the house and leaving these cabinets behind, it will not add up to it and feel left out. It is better to revamp the entire house; just by doing a little effort, your house will look brand new.

5. Stubborn Stains That Will Not Go Away

If, by any means, you ended up staining the cabinets. Which may be during cooking, a kid put markers or any mishap, and now you have stained cabinets. Y

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