Why Use Framed Kitchen Cabinets?

What are Framed Kitchen Cabinets?

Framed kitchen cabinets are the traditional way of producing cabinets as they usually have a flat frame on the front. Its rails and stiles form a 1-1.5 inch frame on the front. The frame adds a dimension to the door front. There are a lot of reasons why this style has been around for many years and it has remained popular even in 2016.

Here are 3 Advantages of Framed Kitchen Cabinets:

  1. The frame strengthens the cabinet and cabinet doors are secured to the frame.
  2. Many different designs are available using framed cabinets as partial, full overlay in addition to inset cabinet doors can be used
  3. The availability to create a fresh and flawless appearance when two cabinets are placed next to each other since the frame is generally wider than the cabinet

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