Refinishing Wood

What Should I Know About Refinishing Wood?

Refinishing wood is a popular practice whether you do it yourself or hire someone. Whether you are looking into refinishing wood on your own or hiring someone, here is what you should know beforehand.

Definition of Wood Refinishing

Wood refinishing refers to the concept of repairing or reapplying a wood object. Wood refinishing projects typically aim to rejuvenate or improve a look.

Clean The Wood Thoroughly Before All Else

Cleaning the wood before you start a refinishing process is a good place to start. The last thing you want to do is work on a dirty piece of wood. Cleaning the wood can also help you spot any damages you might have missed had you not cleaned the wood. Dish soap and a sponge ought to do the trick.

Necessary Supplies

  • Brush
  • Power Sander
  • Latex Gloves
  • Scraper
  • Safety Goggles

Benefits of Wood Refinishing

There are many benefits that come with wood refinishing. Benefits include:

  • Increasing value of property
  • Decreases insects
  • A revamped look

Am I capable of Refinishing Wood On My Own?

Refinishing wood Do-It-Yourself projects can be very rewarding if you know what you are doing. If you have the experience or proper assistance, the project will come across as very manageable. There is no shame in asking for help when it comes to refinishing wood. If you would like to refinish wood items but cannot do it on your own, there are many professionals willing to help.

How Long Do Refinishing Wood Projects Usually Take?

Refinishing Wood projects usually take at least a few days. There are multiple layers to this type of project and if you want it to come out the way you envision, it is best not to rush anything. Rome was not built in a day. Good things take time so remember to stay patient during a makeover like this.

Wood Refinishing In Franklin, MA: Frankenstein Refinishing

Frankenstein Refinishing has been refinishing wood for well over twenty years now. If you are interested in wood refinishing in the Massachusetts area, contact our team as soon as possible! We always enjoy working with whoever we can!