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Signs of a Reputable Cabinet Refinisher

A popular home remodeling practice is refinishing cabinets. Instead of replacing cabinets, refinishing focuses on keeping the same in place but altering their color or look. Cabinet refinishing is usually a cheaper alternative to replacing cabinets and can revamp a home without breaking the bank. When looking to hire a cabinet refinishing company, it is important to hire a reputable one. An unreputable cabinet refinishing company can leave you unsatisfied and set your cabinets back. Here are five ways to help you find a reputable cabinet refinished.

1. Strong Qualifications

It is always a good idea to hire a company with experience, but even better to hire a company with experience and strong qualifications. Any company can build up experience over time. Qualifications have to be earned through hard work and performance. Picking a cabinet refinishing company with strong qualifications will increase the chances you get the results you want.

2. Litany of Good Authentic Reviews

With the presence of digital media growing, online reviews are as popular as ever. Finding a refinishing company with a good amount of authentic reviews is a good way of narrowing down which company to choose. It is important to remember that anyone can leave an online review so use your best judgement on determining the authenticity of a review.

3. Trusted Materials

Reputable refinishing companies are usually upfront about the materials and products they use. Not only are they upfront, but reputable refinishers always use the highest quality paint and tools. If a refinishing company is not upfront about what they use, it is usually a red flag.

4. Good Customer Service

The best types of cabinet refinishing companies always strive to provide good customer service. Reputable refinishing companies will answer any questions you have and help you during the entire process. If a company tries to beat around the bush on your questions or does not appear to be helpful, they likely are not reputable.

Cabinet Refinishing Services in Franklin, MA

Frankenstein Refinishing has decades of cabinet refinishing experience. If your home needs cabinets refinished, you can count on our team! We have earned our qualifications, have an endless list of strong reviews and use the best materials. We even had a refinishing school for over a decade! Ready to get your cabinets refinished? Contact us today!