Marble counter top

Most Popular Kitchen Countertop Options in 2021

Our kitchens are an essential component of all of our homes. Our kitchens see plenty of action throughout the day. From putting together necessary meals to storing necessary items to catching up with others, a home is truly not a home without a kitchen. Most kitchens in America feature some form of a countertop. If your kitchen lacks a countertop and you are considering adding one, here are the benefits of the most popular kitchen countertops in 2021.

1. Quartz

When it comes to kitchen countertops in 2021, quartz takes the cake. As of right now, Quartz is the most popular kitchen countertop option in America and its material is a stunning composition of a crystallized rock. Using a quartz countertop will deliver a very elegant look and add instant value to your kitchen. Aside from its aesthetics and value, quartz comes with many additional benefits:

  • One of the more durable countertop options
  • One of the few countertops that come in a variety of colors
  • Repairs are considered easier than its counterparts

2. Granite

Another popular kitchen countertop option you are probably aware of is the granite route. Granite countertops are also aesthetically pleasing and contain a very solid, strong surface. Some of the other benefits of choosing a granite countertop include:

  • Resistant to Mold and Mildew
  • Rare Colors and Design
  • More Affordable than Quartz countertops

3. Marble

Marble countertops are another highly sought-after kitchen counter option in 2021. With Marble counters, you know one when you see one. The distinction is one of marble’s strong suits. Another perk of choosing a marble top is the fact it is cost-efficient. Marble counters will get the job done while generally costing less than quartz or granite counters. Other things marble counters have going for it are:

  • They look timeless
  • They Are Heat and Fire Resistant
  • They contribute to an ambient environment

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