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How To Make The Most Of A Small Kitchen

Let’s face it: most of us are not satisfied with our overall kitchen space or storage. Whether the area is not big enough, or there is not enough counter, there is usually something about our kitchens we tend to nitpick about. If you believe or feel your kitchen is too small for your needs and aspirations, here are five ideas that will free up some space.

Add Hooks On The Walls

Is your kitchen in desperate need of more space? If your counters are flooded with countless items and accessories, implementing hooks on your kitchen walls will easily free up more space. Hooks can hold aprons, cutting boards, pans, etc. Most importantly, it will help you organize and free up your kitchen space!

Make Use Of Your Windowsills

Many homeowners forget that they can put items on their kitchen windowsills. Windowsills act as an extra layer of space and can serve as storage space for plants or cooking books.

Use A Utility Cart

If you have never used a utility cart for your kitchen, you are missing out. A utility cart can free up an abundance of storage space while keeping cooking materials and items neatly stored. Most importantly, since utility carts have wheels, you can maneuver them around your kitchen or push it to another room.

Add A Removable Cutting Board Over Your Sink

Sinks tend to be large and can take up quite a bit of space. If you need more counter room, consider buying a cutting board that can take up a portion of your sink space.

Add A Portable Kitchen Island

Similar to the utility cart, a portable kitchen island will create more prep space while taking up minimal room. A portable kitchen can be easily moved around and also offer more storage space below the island surface.

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