Tips for Updating an Old Bathroom

old ugly bathroomThere are some bathrooms that have certain characteristics that they never go out of style. Then there’s a large majority of bathrooms that incorporate trendy styles, such as pink toilets and teal tile, that go out of style very quickly after they’ve been installed. If you haven’t updated your bathroom since you built it 30 years ago or if you just moved into a new place with an outdated bathroom but don’t want to do a full renovation, we have some tips for updating your old bathroom!

1. Update the fixtures

Updating the fixtures in an outdated can completely change the look and feel of a bathroom, plus it’s a relatively inexpensive update! Start with old hardware – cabinet knobs and pulls, towel bars, and toilet paper wall mounts. Once you get those switched out, update the mirror, light switch plates, lighting fixtures and the faucet.

2. Refinish the cabinets

Old, outdated cabinets are the easiest way to tell how old a bathroom is. If you’re not ready to replace the cabinets in your bathroom, refinishing them will give them whole new look and bring them back to life.

3. Add artwork

Is there anything on the walls in your bathroom? If there isn’t, try adding some art or update the current wall decor. Even updating the wall color or removing the wall paper will transform the space very quickly.

4. Bring in some plants

Plants breath fresh air into the space and are great for your health. Not to mention they’re an easy way to brighten up a small space. By adding in plants, it shows you care for the space and it’s well lived in, which is great if you’re in the process of selling your house! Don’t have a green thumb? Get a fake one!

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