Learn More About Frankenstein Refinishing

Our qualifications:

We began with 20 weeks of different classes on finishing over 3 years from around the country . We worked in some of the top homes in NE, Dallas, and Florida. Some with over a million dollar budget in painting and finishes . We worked on the side of top finishers from around the world . Many of these homes where the rich and famous, athletes, and CEO’s.

As time went on we built a show room with a thousand woodwork finishes on display . Every conceivable high end finish imaginable and beyond . 
Eventually I was invited to display and demo at an event called meeting of the masters . 50 of the most talented finishers from around the world were invited to display. After the shock , I went  , and was voted top 3 , and the most diverse . It was life changing . Other industry recognitions include be told by Tom Clark of Clark distribution that we were second to none he’s seen from around the world. His show rooms include the highest of high end cabinetry . 
Another would be the Paint Project  in Medfield.  They are the authorities of the northeast in every piece of spray equipment and spray booth construction and installation. They sell and service every type of spray machine on the planet . We quickly won them over when they came to our shop and became close confidants . We began setting up sprayers a different way than anyone else , and have been going back and forth with advise and training  ever since as we continue to search for advancements . 


Reviews can be very tricky. Reviews alone cannot be the end all go to for choosing someone. Most are legitimate, but some can easily be plants . Most however are written the day of completion of work when the biggest shock of happiness is presented. Those are very easy to come by , but 5 and 10 year reviews are what most should want to see, but don’t think of it. Most of this work today will give the look and feel of what people seek. It’s only after a few short years a lot of unsuspecting people learn the hard lesson of who they hired .
I have not seen those reviews written yet , but as this little scope becomes more widespread , they will eventually . We have some long term reviews , and are working on more . We will have plenty that will span decades . Most companies have been doing this a few years. 

Our School

After attending some many different schools , we opened ours in Hopkinton, MA for 12 years . One week a month, people would fly in for all types of finishing classes not available any where else . Since my job for decades was to learn and develop , not work, we became some of the top finishers most have ever seen. We quickly created a 1000 woodwork finish show room , which either students could pick to learn, or the rich would want in their homes . All the while since day one, testing of coatings and products were always under way to go beyond the norm , and be the best. The school soon became infamous with time testing coatings from around the world, and 2 major cabinet paint manufacturers started sending us there prototypes to test before production. There are standard industry tests for coatings , but we developed an extensive protocol, and the manufacturers wanted our data. Before long we were running out of materials from around the globe to test. It’s a crazy niche that no cabinet maker would ever have time to do, which is why our teaching would thrive . As far as your local painter / cabinet refinisher , you should ask them their background. 

Materials We Settled On

They are the most expensive  to buy and difficult to use. No cabinet maker uses these . Almost certainly the local painter / cab refinisher does not. Cabinet makers all use Conversion varnish. Lower grade cabinet paint , but still light years better than what the painters use. The varnish is hard when cured , but turns very yellow in a year. That means no touchup or refinishing any individual parts or areas . This is what you get when you buy new cabinets. The products we use are by far the best there is, and easily last 15 or more years . It’s doesn’t look and feel like paint your used to. It’s the nicest piano type finish I’ve seen , and when compared to new cabinets from cabinet makers, makes us look even better.

How to Get Real Information About Cabinet Paint 

We go to the internet for everything . Every paint manufacturer has commercials proving their products are the best. They even go so far as to engineer what looks like independent tests by commercial professionals. They are very convincing, I know-because I was optimistic when I tested these winners . It was then I realized the winners were funded by their manufacturer, because they weren’t good at all. So what’s a homeowner to do? The only place to get the truth would be from someone with real credentials, schooling , expertise , and a reputation of truth. 

Choosing a Refinishing Company

Before you get to a pool of candidates to compare pricing, you may now be able to either prequalify or exclude them before pricing. Pricing in this niche will not  dictate what you will get like the old saying. Only the cheapest prices will tell you anything . Anyone who chooses them will be sorry every time , bar none. Of all the kitchens I’ve done over after a few years , the common thread (mistake) I’ve found was people meet someone they liked and decided to chance it. At first it was a good feeling conveyed , and most don’t know the questions (until now), to ask. Pictures and some reviews are easy to acquire . Live reviews on local Facebook pages are far more difficult to engineer, and are most likely authentic. Those , coupled with long term reviews, some accomplishments and credentials, and Chances  are you’ve found someone who might deliver a kitchen finish that will last as long as your in your home. Isn’t that what you’d expect from investing in a refinish ?