Kitchen Refinishing in Attleboro, MA

Attleboro is a Massachusetts city located in Bristol County. As of 2024, Attleboro’s population currently hovers over 46,000 residents. Over our many years in the kitchen refinishing industry, Attleboro is an area our team has been to often. If you own a property in Attleboro, MA, continue reading to learn how our services can transform your kitchen space! 

Cabinet Refinishing in Attleboro, MA

Have your kitchen cabinet seen better days? If so, our cabinet refinishing services can rejuvenate the look of your kitchen cabinets! If replacing kitchen cabinets is out of your budget, refinishing cabinets is a more cost-effective approach to enhancing your cabinets. 

Cabinet Glazing in Attleboro, MA

Having your kitchen cabinets glazed is another option when it comes to giving your cabinets a new look. Having your cabinets glazed can help them look new and stand out again! 

Kitchen Painting In Attleboro, MA

If you want your kitchen painted by professionals with years of experience, our team can certainly help! Our team only uses the best quality of paint and has known the paint industry for decades. While we have mostly painted kitchen cabinets over the years, we are open to helping you paint our areas in your kitchen as well! 

Benefits of Choosing Us

Our team at Frankenstein Refinishing has over three decades of refinishing experience. Throughout our journey we have tested prototype cabinet paints for major manufacturers before they went into production. During this time, we have earned authentic qualifications and even operated a finishing school for over a decade. Best of all, our team can anwser any question you may have and priotizes friendliness. 

Contact Us Today!

Our kitchen refinishing team can helped many areas in the states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. If you are located in these states, get in contact with us to get started on your refinishing journey!