Cabinet Refinishing Services in Northborough, MA

Northborough is a Massachusetts town located in Worcester county. As of 2024, the towns population is just under 16,000 residents. Northborough is known for its farms and over the years, Northborough is an area our team has been to plenty of times. If you are a Northborough resident, continue reading to learn how our services can transform your home! 

Qualified Cabinet Refinishers in Northborough, MA

Our team has been helping Northborough residents refinish their cabinets for over 20 years now! But even before we started the business in 2003, our team members were already receiving experience in the refinishing industry by going to finishing schools. We started to fall in love with the industry so much, we opened our own finishing school for 12 years in Hopkinton, MA! People from all over the country would fly in to take our finishing classes. Not long after that, we began testing paint for a few of the top manufacters. We do not beat around the bush. We will answer any question you may have truthfully and respectfully. There is nothing more that we want than to have satisfied customers. Our experiences over the last few decades have helped shaped our company today. 

Cabinet Painting in Northborough, MA

If your cabinets are starting to look old and uninspiring, a simple painting project can infuse a fresh new look. Our team can offer a wide variety of paint colors from the best products. On top of all, our paint projects are efficient and timely. Before you know it, your cabinet will have a brand-new look! 

Cabinet Glazing in Northborough, MA

If you are interested in glazing your cabinets, our team can help you get it done! Glazing cabinets is different from painting cabinets but provides another way to upgrade the look of your cabinets. Glazing cabinets is a feature that helps cabinets stand out by adding an addiitonal color over an existing cabinet color. 

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After decades of experience in the refinishing space one thing is clear: we love what we do! If the time has come for your cabinets to receive a brand-new look, we would love to help you accomplish your goal. Cabinets play a large part in the aesthetics of  a kitchen. If you envision an idea for your dream kitchen, do not let the idea only exist as a dream. Our team can help make your “dream kitchen” a reality.  To get started just contact us today!