Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Framingham MA

Frankenstein Refinishing is happy to provide the community of Framingham, MA with kitchen cabinet refinishing & resurfacing. Frankenstein Refinishing offers a cabinet refinishing service like no other. Instead at bunking up in your home for weeks on end, we are able to get your dream kitchen in a weeks time while also spending just a few days working in your home. How does that sound?

After working with the customer to select the perfect cabinet finish, we can get to work. We come into your home and take all the cabinets away to our shop. Once in the shop, we apply our high grade finish in our spray booth. A perfectly applied finish that other cabinet re-finishers aren’t able to obtain with just a painting job provides a better then new look feel.

Cabinet Refinishing in Framingham

Our shop is located down in Franklin, MA so our team is able to quickly and efficiently finishing every job. 15 miles south from Framingham and we are able to get your cabinets in the spray booth. After thoroughly finishing the spray booth process, we then bring our cabinets back to your home for installation.

For more information on our cabinet refinishing services, please feel free to give us a call at (508) 544-9800 or fill out our online contact form.