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Cambridge, MA ParkOur team at Frankenstein Refinishing is proud to be able to provide our kitchen cabinet refacing services to the Cambridge, MA community! Located just north of Boston over the Charles River, Cambridge, MA is a beautiful city in the Boston community, home to many of the areas most famous universities, such as Harvard, as well as vibrant nightlife and many wonderful restaurants. Of course, there are also plenty of residents who call the city home, with nearly 120,000 people living in the city. With so many residents, there are of course residents in need of our team’s cabinet refacing services!

If you’re interested in learning more about the services our team has to offer to Cambridge, MA residents, keep reading below for more information!

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Services in Cambridge, MA


When it comes to kitchen remodeling, most homeowners assume that if you want to truly breathe new life into the space, you will need to completely remodel the space with new appliances, countertops, and of course cabinets. 

However, there is an easier to way revitalize the space without completely remodeling the kitchen; cabinet refacing. By refacing your cabinets, instead of replacing them entirely, you can quickly and non-intrusively remodel the space, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional cabinet replacement.

When you fully replace your cabinets, the process can take weeks. You first need to meet with a contractor and decide on which cabinets you want to use. They then need to measure your kitchen to determine which cabinets to order, and how best to design the space. Next you’ll need to wait for the ordered cabinets to arrive at the contractors shop. At this point, after a number of weeks, the contractor will return and begin work on your kitchen. They will need to remove your old cabinets, try to cause minimal damage to your kitchen appliances and counters, and then install the new cabinets. The whole process takes months, and can often cause damage to other areas of your kitchen. 

Cabinet refacing, on the other hand, is quick, far less expensive than cabinet replacements, and won’t cause any damage to your kitchen. Our team will visit your property, discuss our finishing options with you and help you design a brand new look for your kitchen. At this point, we will remove the doors for your cabinets and bring them back to our home-base. We will repaint them at our shop, and when we’ve finished, bring them back to your property to reinstall, and put the finishing touches on the cabinets in your home.

Our refacing services allow you to fully redesign the space at a fraction of the cost, and in a far-less disruptive manner! If you’re interested in getting started on your Cambridge kitchen’s refinish, we’re ready to assist!

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