Cabinet Refinishing & Remodeling in Southborough, MA

Cabinet Refinishing in Southborough, MA

Frankenstein Refinishing is delighted to provide the residents of Southborough, MA with kitchen cabinet refinishing & remodeling. Our Franklin location is only a short away from the Southborough community. Instead of taking weeks to complete a job, we are able to complete the refinishing in a weeks time while also spending a few days completing them in your home.

After you select the perfect cabinet finish, we will come into your home and take your cabinet doors and draw fronts to our store. The boxes and frames stay on the walls. A bubble spray booth encapsulates the area and recreates the shop booth for 2-3 days. This finish is only doable with a spray and cabinets that are painted would not look the same.

Contact a Southborough, Massachusetts Cabinet Refinishing Specialist

Frankenstein Refinishing understands all the trendy and popular finishes of cabinets in Southborough. So, if you are looking for a cost-saving method to bring your old cabinets back to life, contact us today at  (508) 544-9800 to receive a free quote.