Cabinet Refinishing & Remodeling in Portsmouth, RI

Portsmouth, RI is a town located in Newport county that currently has a population of nearly 18,000 people. Portsmouth, RI is roughly just 10 miles away from Newport, RI, making it a convenient trek for local residents. When the weather is warm and nice, Portsmouth, RI is a great place to be! We believe there are still a handful of Portsmouth, RI homes that could use a refinished kitchen service! If this is the case for you, do not hesitate to let us know!  

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Frankenstein Refinishing, Cabinet Refinishing in Portsmouth, RI

At Frankenstein Refinishing, we have the capabilities to do any kitchen finish imaginable. The paint we use is special too. Unlike our competitors, we do not use homeowners paint.  Paints are not all the same, contrary to popular belief.  Ask us about our painting materials. You will be amazed what our paints can do for your kitchens. 

We have been refinishing cabinets and wood made products for over 20 years now.  Our team is hard-working, detail oriented and always willing to do what homeowners envision. Every one has an idea of a dream kitchen. Let us help you achieve yours today! Contact us at 508-544-9800 to learn more and get a free quote.