Cabinet Refinishing & Remodeling in Plainville, MA

Originally named as the Plantation of Wollomonuppoag, Plainville officially became a town in 1905. It got its name after the abundance of geographical plains in the area.

Frankenstein Refinishing is delighted to provide the community of Plainville, MA with professional and experienced kitchen cabinet refinishing & remodeling services. We are not just your regular painters, we can refinish your cabinets to look just like new.

Frankenstein Refinishing is based in Franklin, MA, so we can quickly assist your needs. 20 minutes from the Plainville community, we will be able to get your cabinets from your home to our spray booth fast.For more information on our cabinet refinishing services, please feel free to give us a call at (508) 544-9800 or fill out our online contact form.