Cabinet Refinishing & Remodeling in Kingston, RI

Kingston is considered a village within Washington County, Rhode Island. As of now there are over 7,000 residents in the Kingston community. One fun fact about Kingston, RI is the fact The University of Rhode Island is Located within the area. There is a lot of history in Kingston, RI and many older homes.  For any Kingston, RI home that could use an uplift, our teams services can do the trick. We offer top-notch kitchen remodeling services throughout the New England area.C

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Kingston, RI House

Frankenstein Refinishing, Cabinet Refinishing in Kingston, RI

The Kitchen is the heart of most homes. When your kitchen is up to date and looking the way you want it to look, there is no better feeling. As a place for comfort, conversations, and relaxation, it is essential that you treat your kitchen well. Frankenstein Refinishing extends our professional kitchen refinishing and remodeling services into the state of Rhode Island and the Kingston region. 

We have been refinishing cabinets and wood made products for over 20 years now. Our products and materials are always top of the line and better than our competitors. For example, we do not use generic homeowners paint like most of our competitors do. When you work with us, you will learn that our team is hard-working, friendly and passionate towards helping you enhance your kitchen space. Every one has an idea of a dream kitchen. Let us help you achieve yours today! Contact us at 508-544-9800 to learn more and get a free quote.