Cabinet Refinishing & Remodeling in Easton, MA

Easton, MAOur team at Frankenstein Refinishing is proud to be able to provide our team’s kitchen cabinet refinishing services to the Easton, MA community! A quiet suburb located roughly equidistant between Providence & Boston, making it a commuters dream and the perfect place to raise a family! With its close proximity to our headquarters in Franklin, MA, we are very familiar with the Easton, MA area, and we’re happy to assist homeowners here with their refinishing needs!

Our team’s services differ from the standard cabinet refinishing services. Our team will visit your property and meet with you to discuss your goals for the project and allow you to pick the right aesthetic for your kitchen. After that, we will remove your cabinet doors, bringing them back to our shop where they will be refinished before we return and reinstall them in your home! If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading below for more information about our services!

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Easton, MA

If you’re ready to remodel the kitchen in your Easton, MA home, our team at Frankenstein Refinishing is ready to assist!

Many homeowners know that remodeling your kitchen tends to be a time-consuming and expensive project, and one that requires you to forgo access to your kitchen while the work is completed. This often takes days, if not weeks to complete, which can make the remodeling process a major disruption in your day to day life! You’ll need to meet with a contractor to discuss cabinetry options, and then wait weeks for the cabinets to arrive at the contractors shop. At this point they will return to your home to begin the install process, which entails first removing your existing cabinets, which can cause damage to your appliances and countertops, and then the install process begins. The remodeling process is time-consuming & disruptive, which is why our team is here to offer an easier solution; kitchen cabinet refinishing!

For Easton, MA homeowners who are ready to breathe new life into their home’s this year, our team at Frankenstein Refinishing is happy to provide our services to the community, allowing you to alter the aesthetic of your kitchen at a fraction of the cost. Instead of installing brand new cabinets, our team will refinish your existing cabinets to provide your kitchen with an updated appearance at a fraction of the cost & time! We will visit your home, remove your existing cabinet doors, and then refinish them at our shop before returning to your residence to reinstall them. Our team makes it easy for you to completely revitalize your kitchen without breaking the bank or losing access to your kitchen for weeks at a time!

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Easton MA kitchen cabinet refinishing