Cabinet Refinishing In Taunton, Massachusetts

Taunton is a Massachusetts city located in Bristol County with a population of just under 60,000 residents. Located just a few towns away from our office in Franklin, MA, Taunton is an area our team is always open to doing work in. In fact, over the years, our team has completed numerous amounts of projects for Taunton residents. If you reside in Taunton, MA and could benefit from kitchen refinishing services, continue reading to learn more! 

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Taunton, MA

Having your kitchen cabinets refinished is a convienent option to improve the appearance of your cabinets. During a cabinet refinishing process, the cabinets stay intact so you do not have to worry about buying replacements. Kitchen cabinet refinishing is a cost-effective solution to enhancing your cabinets. 

Kitchen Glazing in Taunton, MA

Glazing your kitchen cabinets can make them really stand out. When a kitchen cabinet is glazed, it accenuates what is already there. The majority of homes these days do not have glazed cabinets so choosing this option will give your kitchen a unique look and feel. 

Kitchen Painting Services in Taunton, MA

Another way to elevate the apperance of your kitchen cabinets is by having them painted. Choosing to have your kitchen cabinets painted can prove to be beneficial. For starters, the turnaround time for painting kitchen cabinets is usually just a few days. In addition to that, there are endless color options when it comes to paint. 

Additional Kitchen Services in Taunton, MA

Our team is always willing to do everything we can for our clients. While we specialize in refinishing, glazing and painting kitchen cabinets, we are always open to doing additional work to improve your kitchen area. Always feel free to run an idea by us and we will always do our best to make it happen! 

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The passion we had on day 1 remains the same decades later. For more information about Frankenstein Refinishing and how we can help you in Taunton, MA please feel free to give us a call at (508) 544-9800 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to assisting you and helping you achieve the kitchen of your dreams!