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    What Should I Do When My Cabinets Look Old?

    Whether it is looking dirty & beat up, or just out of style, there comes a time when every kitchen needs a facelift. Full kitchen remodels are extremely pricey and can take months to complete, leaving your home in an expensive and annoying state of disarray. Fortunately, there are many options in varying price ranges that can upgrade your kitchen without a full remodel. We’ve laid out the pros & cons of each option for upgrading your kitchen cabinets so you can finally make an informed decision on how you will transform your kitchen. Which option is best for you?

    Custom Cabinet Replacement

    If you are willing to spend the money, new custom cabinetry can be made to fit the exact layout of your kitchen space. This option is worth it if your current cabinets are irreparably damaged by mold, water damage, or warping. It is expensive and you will likely want to choose a high-quality material, but even then, they might not necessarily wear well depending on their finish. This option will take the most time because custom cabinets are produced on a made-to-order basis. They are also sometimes made in-home, which will be a disruptive process.

    Stock Cabinet Replacement

    Stock cabinets are factory manufactured to standard measurements, and they can typically ship as soon as they are ordered or are available for in-store purchase at big-name chain furniture stores. This means that they are not customizable to your space. Stock cabinets also come in limited color & stain options. The main benefit of stock cabinets is that they are cost-effective if you absolutely cannot salvage your current cabinetry, however many downsides are associated with this factory-made option.

    Professional Painting or Refinishing

    Painting or refinishing can be the ideal option if you hire an experienced professional for the job. We take your cabinet doors & drawers into our shop so that the majority of work does not disrupt your home, and the entire process typically only takes a few days instead of months. The project is fully customizable to whatever style you would like your space to transform to – We can do anything from crisp white cabinets to a deep cherry finish, and we will bring wood samples right to your home for a consultation. Frankenstein Refinishing’s experienced Certified Master Finisher has decades of experience with woodwork and uses the highest quality materials, applying more coats than are even on most brand new cabinets to ensure long life in your restored cabinetry. Professional refinishing or painting can transform cabinets into a brand new look that will last for years to come – and we even provide maintenance work as needed.

    To look into your options for wood refinishing or painting, contact Jim at Frankenstein Refinishing.

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