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    Westwood MA Kitchen Cabinet Paint & Refinishing

    Frankenstein Refinishing was in Westwood MA this past week working on a cabinet refinishing job. This kitchen was a little different layout and shape than most kitchens. The doors were also wavy , making them look older or distressed . The combination invited a different than usual green color that at first looked odd when chosen, but after the kitchen was reassembled, looked really nice. Even we couldn’t help look at it and love it. This is what you can expect for a refinishing job from Frankenstein Refinishing.

    When restoring a kitchen, we don’t like to think it as bringing the kitchen back to its original form. While the original form may have looked nice, the cabinets truly weren’t up to par. We are providing customers with a better kitchen that will love using every day.  Our high-quality paint finishes stand the test of time and we take in the work we complete for our customers

    For more information about Frankenstein Refinishing and how we can help you, please feel free to give us a call or fill out our online contact form.

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