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    Tips For Cleaning Your Painted Wood Cabinets

    Freshly & professionally painted cabinets can completely transform a kitchen while remaining budget-friendly. When you finally take this leap, you will want to preserve that brand-new look for as long as possible. Like all things home related, this will require some regular maintenance to achieve. Check out these tips from a certified master wood finisher on how to prolong the life of your painted cabinets!

    Spot Treatment

    In a kitchen, spills are going to happen throughout everyday use. It is crucial to clean spills & splatters on your painted cabinets as soon as possible to prevent staining. If the substance hasn’t sat for too long and dried up, you should be able to wipe it away with a damp cloth. Pay special attention to the cooking area, where most spills occur!

    Choosing The Right Cleaner

    Painted cabinets, or any type of wood, in fact, do not require a harsh cleaning solution to get the job done. The best wood cleaners are probably already in your kitchen. Mild mixtures of dish soap, vinegar, and water are often the best option for keeping wood cabinets & floors looking clean. Be sure to rinse with water after & dry the wood for the best results. You should avoid bleach, ammonia, and harsh-textured sponges during your kitchen cleaning.

    Cleaning Inside The Cabinets

    The inside of your cabinets might be out of sight, but don’t let this space slip out of mind. It’s important to notice any spills or leaking containers inside your cabinets and get them cleaned up as quickly as possible. If food or liquids are left to sit, this will eventually rot into the wood and cause a serious problem for your cabinetry system as a whole that can’t always be undone. Even without significant spillage, you should set aside time every so often to empty out & wipe down the inside of your cabinets to maintain their cleanliness & hygiene.

    In The Case Of A Repair

    If you notice a dent or scratch in your painted cabinet, you will want to avoid trying to fix it yourself – This could just lead to a larger & more unsightly issue. Instead, choose a professional like Frankenstein Refinishing who offers touch up services after the job is completed. Choosing the right wood finisher instead of opting for a housepainter or doing it yourself ultimately makes the difference in how long your painted cabinets will last.

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