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    Danvers, MA

    Cabinet Refinishing in Danvers, MA

    Both rooms in this Danvers, MA kitchen were reworked with carpentry mods to update. The cabinets where finished in a very pronounced olde world multi glaze, producing the depth look. The island was stained in 5 different colors and layers to produce the 3-D effect. The mantle in the family room was done to match. The hutch was done in a black rub-off with simulated wood grain bead board. The built-ins in the family room were finished in an interesting glaze effect we created to mimic a very dirty, yet new and clean look. Its very appealing! They also wanted the Tuscan beam look so we created the wood look you see on the door on all beams, doors and windows. To finish the project we glazed the ceiling and walls to tie it all together.

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