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    Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Lincoln, RI

    This kitchen in Lincoln, RI has two growing trends. The first is, it’s mostly white. The island is a medium yellow and looks great , but there is an increase in white kitchens lately . The second trend is the more  unique one. Painting oak! The first question usually asked is can I make the grain ripples disappear? The answer is yes. There are 2 ways, both costly and unnecessary. Painted oak gives the best of both worlds, I like to say. It is the easier to maintain solid paint, but it looks like it has a finish on it with the grain showing. It’s not a finish, but a very desirable affect. Most people can’t picture it, but seeing is believing . You won’t ever see it in a cabinet shop display, because they would never paint oak. Only the lucky few who refinish get to see it, and enjoy it. This person had a depressive look when I first met her. You should see that smiley face now!

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