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    Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Bridgewater, MA

    Frankenstein Refinishing is constantly taking our brand and services all throughout southeastern New England, this week landing us in Bridgewater, MA, located between the cities of Taunton and Brockton. This home owner was doing a total kitchen remodeling makeover and called us in to match the perfect cabinets. Between the already installed elegant granite countertops and the increasingly popular island, we had a lot to work with in order to make this kitchen feel complete.

    For this kitchen we used a simpler finish but a little different color. The homeowner and I decided on a grey that corresponds with the granite countertops very nicely . The black rub island goes well pretty much anywhere there is stainless steel appliances, but with this gray cabinet finish, and the granite countertops,  it was a perfect match.

    Frankenstein Refinishing specializes in Cabinet Refinishing & Resurfacing not only in your kitchen, but we can also work with cabinets in your bathroom, living room and dining room. Our Master Finisher, James, has been working with wood for 25 years and can help revitalize your home to bring it back to life. Contact Frankenstein Refinishing to learn more about our services or request an estimate!

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