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    How to Decorate a Wood Paneled Study

    Wood paneled studies are luxurious rooms that create a regal effect for any home office space. If you have one of the many Victorian-style homes in Massachusetts, think twice before writing off your wood paneled study space as outdated – This room has the potential to come alive, Frankenstein style! Stuck on how to pull a design together for your home library? Check out these tips straight from the wood professionals.

    Establish a Theme

    Do you prefer a classic style or modern feel for your home? What is your desired color scheme? These are all questions to ask when you are trying to pull together your study room and achieve flow in its decor. You should also take into consideration the style of the rest of your home – a modern study room might look nice on its own, but it shouldn’t stick out against the rest of your decor.

    Refresh Wood Features

    The state of your wood paneling will make or break this room and has a huge influence on the overall style. If your wood needs an update, there is typically no need to tear apart the room and replace it. A professional woodworker can refinish or paint the features to look like newly installed wood. You might choose a lighter shade to brighten up a dark room, or a darker stain for a dramatic look. This freshens up the room while maintaining its original structure for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

    Create a Sitting Area

    Libraries and studies can be used as an entertainment space for guests or professional associates when they are arranged to do so. Instead of leaving empty space in the room, you can incorporate a sofa set, coffee table, or even just an armchair into the space to add comfort and appeal.

    Incorporate Lighting Fixtures

    If your library is a dark room, decorative lamps or overhead lighting are key features to incorporate. On the other hand, if your study has walls of windows, you can accentuate these with grandeur drapes that can be also pulled closed if you want to block the light out. You should make sure all lighting pieces coincide with the aesthetic and color palette of the room.

    Add Your Personal Touch

    Subtle personalized pieces are what make a study area feel like home. Walls of shelving and wall panels provide plenty of space to showcase these personal touches. This might mean adding family photos, artwork, framed awards, or even prints of celebrities or films that have influenced you. This last step is what will truly make your study room your own.

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