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    How to Create Your Upscale Painted Cabinets

    Kitchen cabinets can make a huge difference for a kitchen. If the cabinets look outdated, then the entire kitchen looks dead. There are several ways to make your kitchen cabinets look more upscale and trendy. Here are some of the common ideas:

    White Kitchens

    White kitchens have always been popular and the most recent trend is using a bright white paint. Whether you prefer traditional, modern, or contemporary style kitchen cabinets, painting them bright white with clean lines will enhance your kitchen’s beauty to another level.

    Exotic Wood Veneers

    Wood veneers are also popular options to generate interest in cabinets because of the natural grain of the wood. Veneers offer a wide variety of possibilities. They can come in shades of tan, warm red, red chestnut, and many more.

    Mixing Light and Dark

    The most trendy color is mixing light and dark. It is done on two-tone cabinets or on an accent island. For two-tone cabinets, the dark color will be applied to the section below the counter. The light color will be applied to the upper half, it could white or a light color like blue or green. For island accents, most of them are painted white or wood grain. The island itself is a darker color.

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